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Yes, tickets will be available on the tickets page of each artist and convention. VISA, MasterCard and Visa Debit are accepted.

No, all of our tickets are completed online and e-tickets will be sent to the registered email. Credit cards may be used to purchase on Eventbee.

Tickets are non-refundable. If you experience ticketing issues, please email to resolve it.

Our processor generally handles all Visa MasterCard and Visa Debit cards.  Regular debit cards won’t work.

Tickets will range from $60-350. They will vary depending on the artist.

Once you have registered and received your wristband, you are welcome to come and go as you like. Please remember to hold onto your printed ticket or have the ticket downloaded on your phone. It will be checked again when entering the theatre.

VIP Membership cardholders have access to presale and generally can pick their seats before the general public.

Seperate fanmeetings is more of our vision of a Kpop Convention.

Your chances of sitting together will be better if one person purchases the tickets for the whole group. You may purchase up to four tickets (VIP Membership and Non-Membership) during presales.

There is no general admission at Vancouver Kpop Con fan-meetings, the Molson Canadian Theatre is seated and very intimate.

Fan engagements are provided by the entertainment companies. It can range from photo op, hi touch, meet & greet, fan sign, Q&A, or pre-signed posters/items.

We will have many guests ranging from YouTubers, dance teams, singers, rappers and lots more!

Convention day pass is only included with Saturday and Sunday show tickets. There is access to our Exhibitor’s Hall, Panels, Games, Meet & Greet or Q&A with YouTubers.performers.

General Volunteer call will begin early in 2019, stay tuned to our social.

Volunteers for Vancouver Kpop Con are not allowed backstage.

Please use VKC or Kpop Con 🙂

The convention will have a plethora of vendors, panels, dance workshops, games, and guests. The dates for 2019 at July 6&7.

Yes, you can purchase a WEEKEND convention entry or DAY passes. We shall release VKC18 schedule displaying all activities to be done before the event.

Concert tickets may come with a convention day pass.

PGTWVIP members receive a free weekend pass and discounts on tickets, check out

All shows at Vancouver Kpop Con are fanmeets unless otherwise specified. We announce prices and fan engagement tiers usually with artist announcement or the day after.

The fanmeets at Vancouver Kpop Con are structured by seats. Fan perks are assigned to seats and you purchase the seat with the fan perk that you want.

No, all fanmeets and shows at Vancouver Kpop Con will be a full 90 minutes with one artist group.

The fan perk included with the seat is displayed when you are choosing your ticket.

Fan engagement events are assigned to seats and will not be sold separately.

Gifts can be dropped off to the PGTW fan booth prior to the show at the theater entrance. Please no giving of gifts during hi-touch or photo-sessions, or tossing things up on stage during the show.(s).

  1. Please be patient, follow the instructions of our staff who will direct you where to go during the fan engagement / fan events.
  2. Stay in your seat and do not rush to the stage. This will not be a GA event.
  3. Please be respectful of others in your immediate area.
  4. DSLRs and oversized fansigns will not be allowed.
  5. No food or drinks are allowed in the theatre area, you may bring an empty water bottle and fill it inside.


We do not endorse any specific hotels, but a 3-4 star anywhere within 20 minutes distance of the convention (2080 United Blvd) should do you fine.

The Hard Rock Casino Vancouver is located at 2080 United Blvd. in Coquitlam and is a 15 minute bus away from the closest skytrain station (Braid Station) which should give you easy transport to hotels in the Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby, or Vancouver Areas.

You can purchase from Greyhound. The Greyhound Bus Depot (100 Woolridge St) is located a 10 minute bus ride (159 towards Coquitlam Central Stn) from the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

If you are travelling by VIA Rail, the VIA Rail station (Pacific Central Stn) is located a 5 minute walk to Main Street-Science World Stn. From there, you can take the skytrain from Main Street to Braid Stn and take a bus to arrive in front of the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver (2080 United Blvd).

Please refer to for more information on transit in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Yes, you can purchase one at

Please note we will be suspending VIP Membership sales before VIP Member presales begin.

Your VIP Membership cardholder friend may purchase a Non-Membership priced ticket for you during presales.

VIP Memberships are not transferable.

VIP Member-only tickets are only transferable if you pay the difference between the Regular priced and VIP Member-priced tickets. You can do so by emailing who will invoice you and send you updated tickets (changed to Non-Membership).

The VIP Membership cardholder must be present to register with VIP Membership-priced tickets. Non-Membership or Regular tickets do not require a chaperon.

Yes, all VIP Membership cardholders receive a discounted price on all show tickets purchased at Vancouver Kpop Con.



  • Security will check all bags and persons upon entry to the theatre.
  • No food or drink in the theatre. We will collect and throw out water bottles.
  • You can enter and exit the theatre with proper wristband. No entry/exit will be allowed during the fan events (hi-touch/photo op).
  • Don’t line-up hours before the show, come when the doors open. All seats are reserved, coming earlier will cause congestion in the hallways.
  • No banners unless approved by the agencies. Approved banners will be distributed at the PGTW/ARTIST booth at registration 2 hours before each show.
  • Gifts and letters to artists are approved by agencies, but must be dropped off at the PGTW booth prior to the event.
  • Fans may NOT personally give any gifts to the artist at any time during or after the show. Also, it is asked that fans do not throw or place gifts, and other objects on the stage as it can become dangerous for the artist to perform.
  • Photos or videos using your phone is still pending approval by the agencies. We will have official photos posted after the show, don’t worry. Focus your attention on the performers, they would love that way more than seeing half the audience taking cell phone videos. Security will be enforcing the rules onsite during the show.
  • No DSLRs, cameras, tablets, GoPros, neck-cams, handycams, point and shoots or any recording devices are allowed in the theatre. You will be able to leave your belongings at the coat check for (Price TBA). If you are caught with the above devices in the theatre, they will be confiscated, photos/videos will be deleted, and you will have to pick it up after the show.
During Hi-Touch & Photo op
  • NO Photos or videos. The official photographers will take the pictures of the photo-op and we will post it on our social media after they are uploaded.
  • NO giving gifts or letters, make sure to do that at the PGTW/ARTIST booth before the show starts (not after).
  • Respect the artists and on-site staff to keep the interaction safe and fair.


  • You can exit and enter the convention building as often as you want, simply show your wristband to one of the security staff on your way back into one of the convention rooms.
  • You can shoot photos and videos inside the convention, but remember not in the Molson Canadian Theatre.
  • Your own packed snacks and non-alcoholic drinks (no glass bottles) are permitted in the building, please be mindful of waste and recycling.
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